Blenheim Corner Summerhouse

Standard features

Fully glazed georgian double doors with antique
hinges, ornate handle and lever lock
2 top hung side windows
Includes 3` veranda with roof overhang
Boarded roof on underside of veranda
Door drip

TGB sheds blenheim corner summerhouse
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Prices including vat

9x9 - £1635
10x10 - £1850
11x11 - £2115


Eaves height: 1942mm
Ridge height: 2410mm
Doors: 1790mm x 1103mm
Framing: 38mm x 50mm
Cladding: 16mm x 125mm

Options available

22mm premier cladding
22mm floor boards
19mm loglap cladding
50mm x 50mm framing
75mm x 50mm framing
Toughened glass
Heavy duty felt