Kids Club House

Standard features

Door with antique hinges, handle and adjustable door catch
Diamond acrylic window in door
4 acrylic georgian windows
Profiled fascias and verandah boards
3’ verandah with side returns
Functional dormer window
Interior with raised bunk, guard rails, ladder and hand rail

TGB sheds kids club house
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Prices including vat

8x10 - £1845 including a verandah
10x10 - £2000 including a verandah


Eaves height: 1680mm
Ridge height: 2810mm
Door: 1410mm x 596mm
Windows: 457mm x 457mm
Framing: 38mm x 50mm
Cladding: 16mm x 125mm

Options available

22mm premier cladding
19mm loglap cladding
22mm floorboards
Side fixed windows
Heavy duty felt