Halls Aluminium Greenhouses

Halls greenhouses come in a range sizes up to 14 x 8.
Available in either an aluminium or a green finish with
glazing options of horticultural glass, toughened glass
or polycarbonate on some models.
Special Offer
Ends 28th February 2018
Free Base with any Halls Greenhouse or Lean-To
And 5% off listed prices
(Free base doesn't apply to Supreme Wall Garden as it's included)
Halls Aluminium Popular
Halls Green Popular
Halls Aluminium Magnum
Halls Green Magnum
Halls Aluminium 6` Supreme
Halls Green 6` Supreme
Halls Green 8` Supreme
Halls Aluminium Silverline Lean-To
Halls Green Silverline Lean-To
Halls Aluminium Supreme Wall Garden
Halls Green Supreme Wall Garden
Halls Aluminium Wall Garden
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