Hen House

Standard features

3 x 6 Hen House with 3 x 6 Run
Raised floor and single door.
Separate closing access door and ramp.
Run has 13mm x 13mm galvanised weldmesh and meshed door.

TGB Sheds Hen House
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Price each including vat

6x6 - £715
Nesting Box - £210


Eaves height: 1760mm
Ridge height: 2230mm
Meshed door: 1760mm x 610mm
Single door in hen house: 1460mm x 915mm
Hen house access door: 485mm x 380mm
Ramp: 750mm x 315mm
Framing: 50mm x 50mm
Cladding: 16mm x 125mm

Options available

22mm premier cladding
19mm loglap cladding
22mm floorboards
Attachable nesting box sized at 1830mm x 480mm
This has 3 individual nesting compartments each 585mm x 355mm
Ridge height: 927mm
Eaves height: 800mm